To: Eric T Schneiderman, New York State Attorney General, Daniel Dromm, New York City Council, The New York State House, and The New York State Senate

Tell Governor Cuomo Enough is Enough!!!

Governor Cuomo is violating the civil rights of OUR children and this MUST be stopped!!!

Why is this important?

New York State owes New York City schools billions of dollars. This money is needed to increase the quality and effectiveness of public education.
Charter schools can and do raise money in obscene amounts. That money is NOT governed by the same guidelines as money the public schools are allocated by the state.
When charters are co-located in our public school buildings, they create a caste system in an already segregated school system. They create a “have” and “have not” situation in schools, with the real public schools being the “have nots.”
That being said:
When at the 11th hour before 2014's state elections, legislation was hurried through changing the rules governing charter schools.
They do NOT have to pay rent, nor do they have to find their own space. More importantly, New York City has to find space for them in existing public schools or find them space elsewhere and the city must pay for their rent and renovations. The money to do this would come from OUR school budget, and taking money from OUR school budget means less in our classrooms. This causes the quality of our children's education to decrease, thereby creating an unequal public education system which is constitutional right of EVERY child in the United States!
That being said:
This petition is to request that New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman investigate the civil rights violations these actions pose on students in New York City's real public schools.
Please view the the document below showing the contributions made to Governor Cuomo by charter school proponents, totaling over $1.6 million. Eva Moskowitz and her cohorts have donated almost $700 thousand alone. These figures strongly suggest that the governor was and is complicit in these civil rights violations.

Andrew Cuomo’s Campaign Contributors With Charter Schools Affiliation

Great Public Schools PAC Belongs to Eva Moskowitz CEO of Success Academy $65,000
Joel GreenBlatt Success Academy co-founder $50,000
Julia Greenblatt Joel Greenblatt’s wife $23,000
John Petry Success Academy co-founder $60,000
Samuel Cole Success Academy Board $42,500
Bryan Binder Success Academy Board $20,000
Jill Braufman Success Academy Board $57,500
Daniel Loeb Success Academy Board, StudentFirstNY BOD $60, 367
Margaret Loeb Daniel Loeb’s wife $29,000
John H. Scully Success Academy Board $50,000
Daniel Nir Success Academy Board $65,000
Charles Strauch Success Academy Board $25,000
Jarrett Posner Success Academy Board $2,500
Andrew Stone Success Academy Board $60,000
Dana Stone Andrew Stone’s wife $25,000
Gregory Sawers Success Academy Board $10,000
Catherine Shainker Success Academy Board $2,000
Suleman Lunat Success Academy Board $1,000
Kent Yalowitz Success Academy Board $5,000
Steven M. Galbraith Success Academy Board $35,000
Larry Robbins KIPP NY Board (charter school organization) $90,800
Winston Fischer Civic Builders BOD (non-profit developer
specializing in charter school construction) $64,500
Jessica Fischer Winston Fischer’s wife $13,000
Kenneth Fischer Winston Fischer’s brother $67,500
Steven Fischer ...