To: John Morton, Director

Tell ICE Director John Morton: Abolish Government Sanctioned Stealing…In the Name of the Law…Su...

Copyright Infringement is frequently viewed as the politically correct term for theft! If an artist is contemplating stealing one’s intellectual property (potentially millions/billions of dollars in revenue) and is faced with the following odds: a) a 100% chance of winning that case* or b) a 96% chance of never facing an unbiased jury of the Plaintiff’s peers*, what incentive is there for that potential perpetrator not to engage in the alleged illegal activity?

The Summary Judgment process used to dispose of Copyright Infringement cases has been documented by learned scholars** to be Inefficient, Unjust, Unfair and Unconstitutional!. Thus, tax paying, law abiding citizens are systematically being denied their Seventh Amendment Constitutional right to an unbiased jury trial of their peers.

The government’s continued support of this Unconstitutional practice must end! We are calling for
• an Independent review of all Copyright cases dismissed in the last 20 years
• placement of all cases wrongfully dismissed back onto the courts’ dockets and
• the Abolishment of the Summary Judgment process in copyright cases as mandated by the High Court

Tell the Director of Intellectual Property Enforcement that our Constitutional rights can no longer be subjectively and selectively enforced…

We respectfully demand….
“Justice for All!”
Boone v. Jackson et. al
Hudson v. Universal
Walker v. Viacom et. al
Lassiter v. 20th Century Fox, et. al
Carranza v. Universal et. al

Why is this important?

The Seventh Amendment right to an unbiased jury trial is as important as a citizen's right to vote. Yet, everyday working class citizens are denied this right when they level allegations of theft of their intellectual property against multimillionaire defendants.
Government protection of the 99%, at our expense will no longer be tolerated!