To: Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear

Tell Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear: Don’t defend discrimination

Don’t defend discrimination. Judge Heyburn’s decision was right and in line with other federal court decisions around the country. Please drop the appeal of Judge Heyburn’s decision.

Why is this important?

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear—a Democrat—didn’t get the memo that it’s 2014 and the march of history is on the side of equality:

Just minutes after Attorney General Jack Conway announced that he would not appeal a federal court order to recognize same-sex marriages, Beshear announced that he would hire outside counsel to appeal on the state’s behalf.

Jack Conway bravely stood up for the rights of all Kentuckians, declaring that an appeal would be “defending discrimination”—and he’s right. That’s what makes Steve Beshear’s decision to appeal so outrageous.

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