To: Angelique Ashby, Council Member, Sandy Sheedy, Councilmember, Steve Cohn, Councilmember, Robert Fong, Councilmember, Jay Schenirer, Councilmember, Kevin McCarty, Councilmember, Darrell Fong, Councilmember, Bonnie Pannell, Councilmember, ...

Tell Mayor Kevin Johnson & Sacramento City Council

Don't limit free speech. Facists dictate what can be said, when it can be said, and how it can be said. People who support Democracy allow for free speech. You decide what kind of America you want to have. You decide what kind of Sacramento you want to have.

Why is this important?

Let the Occupy Wall Street Sacramento petition our Government and Citizens 24/7. Let them freely exercise their free speech rights.


Reasons for signing

  • I live on S. Carrollton Ave. and don't need anymore tffraic in the neighborhood.I am close to Willow,and the noise from this stadium will just add to the annoyance of the already noisy day to day activity.We just ask for piece and quiet in the golden years of our life.
  • How about sending some of those cops to McClatchy park and arresting the ones who are really breaking the law.
  • It should be easy to profide for the homeless. Why isnt it being done?