To: Carlos Gimenez, Miami Mayor

Tell Miami Mayor Carlos: Don't bow to Trump. Protect immigrants in Miami!

Protect Miami's vulnerable undocumented population from Trump's deportation machine.

Why is this important?

My hometown mayor in Miami, Carlos Gimenez, just announced on Thursday, January 26 that he plans to revoke Miami's status as a sanctuary city in the shadow of Trump's threats. This is gut-wrenching news for undocumented families living here. It's not too late for Mayor Carlos to stand up to Trump and do what's right.

Trump and his administration are testing us. They want to see if we’ll give up our fight. We can't choose to simply bend to his threats; we must resist. Miami is an important fight for us to win and establish that immigrant families deserve dignity and respect.

If enough of us sign this petition, Mayor Carlos will be empowered to resist Trump's demands.


Reasons for signing

  • Miami provided a haven for refugees and immigrants even before YOU arrived here as part of the Pedro Pan program. You know what having a safe place to grow and thrive means; don't turn your back now on people wanting the same as your parents wanted for you so many years ago. These new immigrants are part of the fabric of Miami; they make this city the wonderful, vibrant place it is. They are vital to the life of our city and a treasure to the Miami culture. Be brave, be just, be compassionate.
  • Giving up without a fight in court? How does tyranny divide and conquer a nation Mr. Mayor?
  • Don't be one of the spineless!