To: Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette

Tell Michigan Attorney General Schuette to stop obstructing the recount

Michigan voters deserve to have every vote counted, and the state has already begun preparations to begin this recount. Drop your lawsuit and stop obstructing democracy.

Why is this important?

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has filed a suit to stop the recount of Michigan's presidential ballots. The State's Board of Canvassers, which runs the election, has already approved the recount, making Schuette's suit an outrageous attempt to obstruct democracy and prevent Michiganders from having their votes properly considered.

The count in Michigan separates Trump from Clinton by a difference of only 10,000 votes. That total difference was already adjusted down by more than 2,000 votes from an initial tally, demonstrating the need for a full hand recount to ensure accuracy.

While Clinton has won the popular vote by more than 2.5 million votes nationally, differences in a handful of key states like Michigan have given Donald Trump the electoral lead, which makes a recount all the more important to ensure the accuracy and validity of this result.

Our elections are too important to have any uncertainty. Our right to vote is at the heart of our democracy, and we all deserve a recount that will ensure every vote is considered and counted.