To: The Minnesota State House and The Minnesota State Senate

Tell Minnesota Republicans: Do Your Jobs!

It's time for Minnesota Republicans to get back to work and compromise with Gov. Mark Dayton instead of protecting millionaires and billionaires.

Why is this important?

Update - 7/22/2011:

Today, the Minnesota government re-opens, and Minnesotans can finally get back to work.

Sadly, Republicans chose millionaires over Minnesota’s future. They insisted that tax hikes for the richest Minnesotans be off the table.

But your pressure played a vital role in stopping GOP plans to erode critical public services, take away Minnesotans’ workplace rights and put tens of thousands in the private and public sector out of work through mass layoffs. And because of the huge public outcry, Gov. Mark Dayton was also able to put more Minnesotans back to work with his jobs and infrastructure bill.

Because of GOP legislators’ continued insistence on protecting millionaires, Minnesota’s revenue shortfall will continue over the next two years.

Ultimately, the only way we will truly solve Minnesota’s revenue shortfall and build a better state is for the richest to finally pay their fair share in taxes. We know the public is on our side. And with your help, we are confident that this is a fight we can win.

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