To: Nancy Pelosi

Tell Nancy Pelosi: We need a Green New Deal

Champion a Green New Deal and mandate that all Democrats in Congressional leadership sign the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge.

Why is this important?

I'm a Woolsey Fire survivor -- I'm on the frontlines of climate change. So are too many others in America. Climate change isn't some far off, abstract threat -- it's right here, right now, and it needs to be a national priority. The Green New Deal is a big bold outline that can stop runaway climate change. And the American public deserves leaders who are not influenced by the fossil fuel industry in drafting laws making the Green New Deal reality.

What's in the Green New Deal? 1) 100% of national power generation from renewable sources;
(2) Building a national, energy-efficient, "smart" grid;
(3) Upgrading every residential and industrial building for state-of-the-art energy efficiency, comfort and safety;
(4) Decarbonizing the manufacturing, agricultural and other industries;
(5) Decarbonizing, repairing and improving transportation and other infrastructure;
(6) Funding massive investment in the drawdown and capture of greenhouse gases;
(7) Making "green" technology, industry, expertise, products, and services a major export of the United States.