To: Brian Sandoval, Governor of Nevada

Tell Nevada Gov. Sandoval “Don't veto universal background checks.”

Gov. Sandoval “Don't veto SB 221. Stand with 86% of Nevadans and sign universal background checks into law."

Why is this important?

The Nevada legislature, in the face of inaction from Washington and at the urging a huge majority of Nevada voters, has passed a law that would require universal background checks for all gun sales in Nevada.

Governor Sandoval has threatened to veto the bill, despite the widespread bi-partisan support for universal background checks from voters and even within the NRA’s membership.

Nevada's lax gun laws are responsible for thousands of illegal guns flooding the streets in neighboring California. Vetoing this legislation would be a tragedy for all Nevadans, putting them at significantly greater risk of suffering gun violence.


Reasons for signing

  • There are too many people out there who should never be allowed to have a fire arm.
  • This is nothing more than trying to take our guns away. Why should law abiding voters have to go through this? Get the crooks.
  • Background checks do not take away the right to keep and bear arms, it just tries to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and mentally unstable. As an aside, NO ONE needs to walk into a store with a rifle.