To: President Donald Trump

Tell Obama: Reverse your position on fracking

President Obama- Fracking is not the solution you are looking for. It poisons our drinking water, destroys our parks and forests, and emits significant amounts of air pollution including global warming pollution. If you want to protect our children and future generations from climate change and other environmental threats, please reverse your position on fracking and oppose for the sake of our health and environment.

Why is this important?

President Obama's State of the Union highlighted fracking for gas and oil as a way to tackle climate change and deal with our energy problems.

But, nothing could be further from the truth.

In Pennsylvania, Texas and many other states, communities' drinking water has been poisoned by toxic chemicals used in the fracking process. Communities in Wyoming have severe smog problems, leading to more asthma and respiratory problems. And, now there is talk of fracking in the midst of our National Parks and Forests—some of the most beautiful and treasured parts of the US.

If we allow fracking to continue to expand, we will imperil the future generations that President Obama so passionately invoked. And the same generations we are trying to protect from climate change, will be left with poisoned aquifers, devastated parks and forests, and more air pollution.

That's why we urge President Obama to reverse course on fracking, focus on the significant environmental and health problems, and make sure our health and environment comes first.