To: The Ohio State House and The Ohio State Senate

Tell Ohio Legislators to Protect Patient Care - End the Unsafe Practice of Mandatory Overtime for...

It's time for Ohio to join 18 other states who have laws that protect patients, and nurses, from the dangerous consequences of forced overtime.

Why is this important?

Across Ohio, patient care is put at risk because hospitals force nurses to work 14, 16, and even 24 hour shifts because of inadequate nurse staffing, putting their profits above patient care.

Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States, and research shows that nurses who are fatigued because of lengthy shifts are at an increased risk of making an error.

Other professions, such as airplane pilots, truck drivers and train engineers, have laws surrounding their hours of work because of public safety concerns. Yet nurses, who have patient lives in their hands, can be forced to work around the clock - a practice that can lead to deadly consequences.

Eighteen other states recognize the importance of protecting patient care by preventing nurse fatigue through laws that make the dangerous practice of mandatory overtime illegal. It’s time Ohio joins these other states in protecting the healthcare of its citizens.

Let's tell Ohio legislators that patients, and nurses, deserve better! Ohio's citizens deserve quality care!

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