To: President Donald Trump

Tell President Obama: announce a "Good Jobs" executive order during the State of the Union!

President Obama, a better wage can't wait. We call on you to announce a "Good Jobs" executive order to raise the wages of federal contract workers during the State of the Union. You have said that you will do "everything in my power" to help the middle class, including taking executive action. Well, here is a perfect opportunity. Please ensure that federal contract workers are paid a livable wage by issuing a "Good Jobs" executive order during your address on Tuesday.

Why is this important?

According to the Washington Post, the president is considering announcing a "Good Jobs" executive order in his State of the Union address next week. It is critical that we call on the White House to take this important step forward.

Demos's research has found that the federal government is the nation's leading low-wage employer, with nearly two million private-sector employees paid through federal contracts, grants, loans, concession agreements, and property leases paid $12 or less per hour. Meanwhile, Demos finds that taxpayers spend an estimated $20.8 - $23.9 billion a year to compensate top executives of federal contractors.

Despite a proud history of efforts to ensure that employees working on behalf of America are treated fairly on the job, and that companies that have the privilege of doing business with the United States are upholding high standards of employment practice, many federally funded jobs today have been subject to the same race to the bottom that has lowered standards for other work.

By signing such an order, President Obama would not only improve conditions for low-paid contract workers but would also give greater momentum to the fight for a federal minimum wage increase that would benefit everyone.

Tell President Obama to announce the "Good Jobs" executive order during the State of the Union on Tuesday night.