To: 2020 presidential candidates

Tell presidential candidates: Restore net neutrality!

We ask all 2020 presidential candidates to publicly call for the restoration of strong open internet protections; reject contributions from phone and cable company executives, lobbyists, and PACs; and pledge to appoint FCC Commissioners who will:

• Restore all of the Title II-based net neutrality rules, enforcement authority, broadband competition and consumer protections the FCC eliminated in 2017

• Enforce a ban on circumventing net neutrality at the point where data enters ISPs’ networks

• Ban harmful forms of ‘zero-rating’ that advantage some apps over others or require apps to pay fees

Why is this important?

A federal court just upheld most of the FCC's 2017 decision to overturn net neutrality. Combined with Mitch McConnell's obstruction of the Save the Internet Act in the Senate, it's becoming clear that the presidential candidates themselves will have to be the ones to restore net neutrality -- by appointing a new FCC that will protect a free and open internet.

Demand Progress has been helping to lead an effort to get candidates to raise this crucial issue in public debate and commit to restoring net neutrality, including by rejecting campaign contributions from Big Cable. Will you help build the movement?


Reasons for signing

  • We need net neutrality! Toy reviews and children with Youtube channels should be allowed to continue!
  • Little by little "We the People" are losing our freedoms. The internet is a forum for free speech, and although we don't always agree about what is on there, people do have the right to speak out. It is a travesty what is happening to our country. Net neutrality is so important and vital that it be restored. We are becoming incredibly close to being a dictatorship/fascist state. How low America the free and home of the brave has fallen. Help keep America free and overturn this bad decision by...