To: Governor Tony Evers

Tell Scott Walker to stop strip mining Wisconsin land!

This campaign has ended.

Please tell the Department of Natural Resources to stop the Penokee Hills mine from going forward and end harassment of activists opposing it.

Why is this important?

Scott Walker is allowing a 22 mile-long, 1000 foot-deep strip mine to proceed in Northern Wisconsin's Penokee Hills region, which contains the headwaters of the Bad River and Lake Superior. The mine could cause asbestos dust and sulfuric acid leeching that would destroy the Bad River reservation, as well as many other downstream ecosystems. The mining company isn't earning our trust either - they've used private paramilitary groups for security, and Walker's DNR has pressured an educational camp be criminally prosecuted for studying the mine. We have a cabin nearby and grew up taking our kids to this beautiful, special, and sacred place. Please help us save it. --Betsy Bacon, Cornucopia, WI