To: Betsy DeVos, Education Secretary

Tell Secretary DeVos: Protect survivors of sexual assault.

I am writing to express my outrage regarding your recent decision to rescind key Title IX guidance instructing schools to uphold their legal responsibility to respond to sexual harassment or sexual violence, and ensure protections for transgender and parenting students.

All students should be able to attend school and count on administrative backing to protect their safety, ensuring equal access to education under the law.

The Title IX guidance reminds schools of their legal obligation to address sexual violence and works actively to address and prevent sexual assault on campus. Many survivors have expressed hurdles in reporting their assault and continuing their education.

These are essential protections that must remain for all students and campus communities. Sexual assault survivors who are brave enough to come forward deserve institutions that support them.

Why is this important?

Secretary DeVos’ recent decision to revoke key Title IX protections for survivors of sexual assault sends a dangerous signal to assailants that their crimes will be ignored, jeopardizes the safety of students in America, and makes it harder for survivors to get justice.