To: Gary Kelly, CEO, Southwest Airlines

Tell Southwest Airlines: End Discrimination Against Arab and Muslim Passengers

Issue public apologies to Khairuldeen Makhzoomi and Hakima Abdulle, review policies for removing customers from flights, and implement anti-bias training for flight crews.

Why is this important?

Southwest Airlines claims to operate on the principle of #SouthwestHeart, but when it comes to Muslim and Arab customers, it seems to be #SouthwestHeartless.

On April 6th, the airline kicked 26 year old Khairuldeen Makhzoomi off a flight after a customer overheard him speaking Arabic on his phone. Makhzoomi was then subjected to an FBI interrogation—simply for making a phone call to his uncle.

On April 13th, a Southwest flight attendant removed Hakima Abdulle, a woman of Somali descent wearing a hijab, from a flight after she tried to switch seats with fellow passengers.

These recent cases are just part of a trend of anti-Muslim and anti-Arab discrimination by Southwest Airlines—last November, the airline delayed two men from boarding a flight after they had a conversation in Arabic together.

That same week, a Southwest pilot removed several Arabic-speaking passengers from a plane after they tried to be seated together.

People shouldn't be barred from air travel just for speaking Arabic, being Muslim, or wearing a hijab.

It's clear that Southwest needs to make some changes in how it treats its customers.

We're calling on them to publicly apologize for discrimination, review their policies, and implement anti-bias training for flight crews.


Reasons for signing

  • We must all pray to GOD, asking HIM to end all forms of unjustifiable racism, discrimination, and humiliation.
  • Tell Southwest Airlines: End Discrimination Against Muslim Passengers
  • C'mon guys; show some class. I know that Arabic is the last group ethnic group to discriminate but just speaking in the language shouldn't result in exclusion.

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