To: Brian Cornell, Target CEO

Tell Target to Stop Funding Hate

Target workers demand that Target executives stop funding anti-LGBTQ and anti-worker politicians.

Why is this important?

As Target workers who are or support LGBTQ workers, we find it unconscionable that Target executives fund hate-based politicians who actively harm us as workers and members of the LGBTQ community. These actions by Target executives are completely at odds with their self-professed values of promoting diversity and inclusivity. We demand Target executives live up to their own standards and stop enabling hate.

For more information please read our report "A Tale of Two Targets" at


Reasons for signing

  • Hey Target - if you try to maximize profits through tax cuts, but lose your customers in the process, you're not going to maximize profits. For a hot second I explicitly went to Target to buy assorted essentials because I was so excited for your pro-trans*/gnc policies (like bathroom rights and integrated toy aisles). However, I cannot support your continued funding of hateful politicians, and will take my business elsewhere until you make a wiser investment in our society's future.
  • I expect better from Target.
  • As a Team Member I would like to see Target stop funding these kind of politicians. If Target wants to actually be inclusive, instead of seeming inclusive, this would be the right direction.