To: Boy Scouts of America

Tell the Boy Scouts to End their Partnership with Trump's Deportation Force

Participating in raids and activities that separate families is not a formative experience for young boys. End any partnership with Immigration and Customs Enforcement under Trump.

Why is this important?

After Trump's speech to the Boy Scouts this week, the organization has some serious questions to ask itself.

One of them is what role will it have in the harm being caused by some of the agencies under Trump's leadership.

The Department of Homeland Security has announced that any undocumented person in the United States is a target for deportation -
whether they are a parent, child, teen, student, or worker - that includes some who are scouts.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have begun to speak out about a culture of hostility and discrimination inside the agency.

In various years though, the Boy Scouts have participated in an "explorers" program led by the agency.

Trump's speech was enough propaganda to expose our youth to, ask the Scouts to cut any partnership with his deportation force as well.