To: California Coastal Commission, San Diego Office

Tell the CA Coastal Commission to say NO to SeaWorld!

SeaWorld in San Diego wants to build an enlarged killer whale "habitat," and has petitioned the California Coastal Commission for a permit to do so. But no tank or artificial "habitat" can EVER be large enough! Killer whales, and dolphins, belong ONLY in their natural habitat - the ocean - swimming wild and free! Captivity is cruelty!

Why is this important?

Orcas and dolphins suffer in captivity. They are sentient, highly intelligent marine mammals that live in family groups, and do not belong living in a chlorine-laden, confined tank their entire lives.

SeaWorld claims they love their orcas and dolphins, but 44 orcas have died at SeaWorld. They currently confine 23 orcas in their facilities, and these orcas have been separated from their mothers. In the wild, orcas seldom leave their mother's side, even when fully grown.

SeaWorld blatantly lies in it's newest TV ads, claiming that their orcas live the same lifespan as they do in the wild, but over 90% of their orcas have not survived beyond 25 years! In the wild, a female orca can live up to 80 to 90 years. All SeaWorld cares about are their profits - if they truly cared about the orcas and dolphins, they would NOT keep them in captivity in the first place! SeaWorld should NOT be granted a permit to build a larger tank - they need to stop imprisoning orcas, and dolphins!