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To: Kim K and az

Tell the California Legislature it’s time to stop breaking our backs!

Today, I am asking for your support for a campaign to urge the California Legislature to pass AB 2178 (California Equity Crowdfunding). This bill will create another opportunity for business owners and entrepreneurs to reach to their community for growth capital.

Why is this important?

For more than three decades as banker and community business owner I have been advocating for greater access to capital for small businesses--they are the backbone of our local communities and our major job creators.

Please join me by signing this petition. We want to let our elected representatives know that we mean business.

Deadline for your support is Thursday, May 26th – Do it today.


Kim Kaselionis, Managing Partner
Breakaway Funding, LLC


Reasons for signing

  • why you guy have the usvi as british
  • Important for small business owners!
  • We need to pass this bill. The have are trying to keep the new entrepreneurs and small investors out. They want to keep buying politians.