To: The Democratic superdelegates

Superdelegates: Let the voters decide

The race for the Democratic Party nomination should be decided by who gets the most votes, and not who has the most support from party insiders.

That's why we're calling on all the Democratic superdelegates to pledge to back the will of the voters at the Democratic Party convention in Philadelphia.

Why is this important?

Bernie won New Hampshire. And by a hair, Hillary won Iowa. In other words, there's a long Democratic primary ahead, possibly fought all the way to the convention.

But there's a problem: There are 712 superdelegates—made up of Democratic elected officials and other prominent party leaders—who have the power to tip the scales, potentially shifting the vote at the convention to whomever they choose. This process is undemocratic and fundamentally unfair to Democratic primary voters.

In 2008, when the primary looked like it could boil down to superdelegates, MoveOn launched a similar campaign calling on the superdelegates to hold off making their decisions until the voters had spoken.

Now, as we face a similarly contested primary, it's critical that we speak out again for the integrity of our voting process. Democracy only works when the votes of the people—not the decision of a small number of elites—are what determines the outcome of elections.