To: Department of Education

Tell the Department of Education to Expand Repayment Options to ALL Student Loan Borrowers

Did you know? The Department of Education is changing the rules to allow more borrowers to pay back their loans based on their income. The expansion of the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) program will help students pay back their debt by capping loan payments to 10% of their income.

The Department of Education wants to hear about how student loans are impacting YOU. Tell the Department to support student loan borrowers to:

1. Make It Easy to Enroll: Many borrowers don’t know about their debt management options—the Department needs to make enrollment accessible and easy, and should inform all borrowers who are eligible.

2. Preserve the Payment Cap at 10% of Income: Borrowers need the option to cap their payments at 10% of their discretionary income—this cap is crucial for borrowers struggling with their loans.

3. Preserve Loan Forgiveness Programs: The Department should maintain its commitment to forgive student debt in FULL for borrowers after 10 years of public service, or 20 years of work in the private sector and not cap the amount of debt that can be forgiven.

4. Extend PAYE to ALL Borrowers Not Previously Eligible: All borrowers with financial need and eligible loans should be included in the expansion of loan repayment programs like Pay As You Earn.

Why is this important?

Student loan debt has surpassed $1.2 trillion, and Americans are struggling to handle the burden of their education debt. That is why it is so important the Department of Education expands PAYE to help borrowers manage their student loans.

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