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Tell the DNC: Reject gun, tobacco, payday lender, and other corporate donations counter to our va...

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Our daughter, Jessi, was slaughtered in the Aurora, Colorado theater massacre in 2012. We believe the gun lobby and other corporate interests have far too much influence in American politics so we support a proposed resolution to the DNC to take a step towards fixing this broken system.

With the DNC set to convene this week in Las Vegas — just weeks after one of the most deadly mass shootings in modern American history — we are asking the DNC to reject all contributions from the those who profit from guns, tobacco, predatory payday loans, and other nefarious industries!

Why is this important?

The Democrats say they support meaningful government action to stop gun violence, but they're being pushed around by Republicans and the industries which line their pockets.

Thoughts and prayers are appreciated, but we need the DNC to reject donations from the gun industry—and some of the other worst offenders like the tobacco and payday loan industries.

We lost our daughter in Aurora, and our heart breaks everytime someone with a gun unleashes carnage on innocent Americans. But we will continue to speak up. We will not go away.

Please sign the petition and share.

Also please call Chairman Tom Perez at 202-863-8000 and tell him you want the DNC to reject contributions from these industries which are responsible for the death and injury of so many Americans from all political parties!


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  • Cameron zeigler
  • We need to let the NRA go dry. To feed a killing machine industry, which it is, is intolerable. We can't continue to look the other way, while they continue allowing people to be slaughtered. The countries that have bans on high capacity magazines, assault weapons, gun free school zones, bans on silencers, all have considerably fewer killings. The time to stop is now. Prayers are not enough. They won't bring back those innocently killed as they sit in theaters, churches, concerts, or nig...
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