To: Federal Election Commission

Tell the FEC: Investigate Bush and Walker

Immediately investigate Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and any White House hopefuls for violations of campaign finance law leading up to the 2016 presidential elections.

Why is this important?

It appears that some 2016 presidential hopefuls are defying campaign finance laws and raising huge sums of money through Super PACs, 527s and other political committees disguised as sham nonprofits, by claiming they're not candidates or even "testing the waters."

Governor Jeb Bush's Right To Rise Super PAC has set a fundraising goal of $100 million, but hasn’t said what for (I wonder!).

Meanwhile, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker bragged at an event in Iowa: "You know, the process tells us that legally we have to say we are 'exploring,' because the minute you say something else, a whole series of things happen. So as we 'explore,' we will come back many more times."

Supposedly they’re just private citizens raising millions and millions of dollars in donations. More likely, their real goal is to dodge contribution limits, coordination restrictions, and disclosure requirements meant to prevent corruption.