To: Federal Communications Commission

Tell the Federal Communications Commission: Do NOT Allow Cell Phone Calls on Airplanes

Do not allow cell phone calls on airplanes. There are more than enough aggravations with air travel already. Travelers do not want to be stuck in planes listening to other passengers talk on the phone.

Why is this important?

For years, the government has prohibited cell phone use on planes for fear of interference with essential communications. But with technological improvements, that is no longer a concern.

So, the Federal Communications Commission may lift the 22-year-old ban on cell phone use during flights.

If being stuck in a metal tube miles above the earth amid the cacophony of other passengers’ phone calls sounds dreadful to you, sign the petition right now.

Using cell phones in-flight for texting, email and the Internet is fine. But phone calls should wait until the plane has landed.

Let’s mobilize for a little peace and quiet: Tell the Federal Communications Commission to continue prohibiting cell phone calls on airplanes.