To: Federal Trade Commission

Tell the FTC: Oppose the latest Big Pharma Merger!

The Federal Trade Commission must investigate and block the attempt by Bristol-Myers Squibb to buy out Celgene. This would be the largest pharmaceutical merger ever, and as with past mergers, the result will be less innovation and much higher prescription drug costs for the public. This mega-merger will block the development and sale of affordable drugs and reduce competition. We urge you to stop this mega-merger.

Why is this important?

Bristol-Myers Squibb wants to spend $74 billion to buy out a rival, Celgene. It would be the largest pharmaceutical merger ever, and their consolidation would give the combined companies number one positions in oncology and cardiovascular drug sales. But there's something we can do to stop this mega-merger.

We've seen what happens when big pharmaceutical companies merge -- drug prices soar. It happened to the Epi-Pen. It happened with arthritis drugs. It even happened with insulin. As patients, we bear the ever-increasing costs and many of us can't afford to keep paying and paying. Several of us depend on our prescriptions to stay alive, and nobody should have to choose between a roof over their head and the drugs they need to thrive.

The Federal Trade Commission must listen to comments from the public before approving the merger. Here is our chance to speak up. This mega-merger will block the development and sale of affordable drugs and reduce competition just when we need more of it.

We can't sit by and let Big Pharma get even bigger, at our expense. Take action and tell the FTC to protect patients by stopping this potential merger now.


Reasons for signing

  • This BIG Pharma company has enough control already and will only hurt the ones who can least afford it.
  • I take about 8 Rxs a day, am.and p.m. and my bill keeps going up and up in spite of having good insurance. This merger will give me a very hard time to stay well and functioning. Please block this pirating on the Street. Thank you. Mary Lee Comer, Austin, TX
  • What's the benefit for the public?

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