To: Peter Liguori, President, The Tribune Company

Tell the L.A. Times and Chicago Tribune owners: "No Sale to the Koch Brothers!"

Do not sell the Tribune Company, owners of major newspapers including the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune, to David and Charles Koch, or any other propagandists.

Why is this important?

The Koch brothers are the worst of the worst. Oil and gas billionaires, they're known for funding the Tea Party, buying elections, funding anti-science organizations, union busting, dodging taxes, and twisting democracy any way they can to promote their personal agenda.

Now, in a stunning move, according to multiple reports, they want to buy the company that owns the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, and several other big newspapers to further their radical right-wing agenda and move fringe Tea Party ideas into the mainstream.

They cannot be allowed to purchase the most respected newspapers in the biggest media markets in the country in order to peddle their discredited ideas and right-wing propaganda. People count on papers like Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune for real facts, real issues, and unbiased information. And newspaper endorsements in local and statewide elections carry substantial clout.

The Koch brothers cannot be allowed to control these vital sources of information.