To: Michigan House of Representatives

Tell the Michigan legislature: Don’t endanger women’s health by passing this extreme bill

I urge you not to approve the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act. Allow the initiative to go to the ballot for all voters to consider, instead of leaving women's health care choices in the hands of a small minority of the Michigan electorate.

Why is this important?

The Michigan Legislature is about to pass a major piece of legislation that restricts women’s health care coverage in the state.

The initiative would ban all health insurance policies in the state—public and private—from covering abortions, including in cases of rape and grave danger to the mother.

Michigan Right to Life used an arcane tactic, known as an “indirect initiated state statute,” to do an end-run around a previous veto of this bill to make it law with a very low bar––they only needed 3.4% of Michigan voters to sign a petition supporting the initiative.

The Michigan legislature can either approve the legislation, or let the voters decide next year.

Tell Michigan legislators that 3.4% of voters should not make over-reaching decisions about women’s health care choices, and instead to put this on the ballot in November 2014.