To: Mary Jo White, Chair, Securities & Exchange Commission

Tell the SEC: Require Corporations to Disclose Campaign Spending

Corporations are flooding our elections with unregulated, secret money. Shareholders and voters should know exactly who is attempting to influence our democracy.

It’s time to use the power of the SEC to create rules to require corporate disclosure of campaign spending.

Why is this important?

Ever since the Supreme Court’s outrageous Citizens United decision, corporate spending on political campaigns has skyrocketed.

But much of that spending never gets disclosed anywhere. We have no idea who is attempting to influence our elections.

Republicans in Congress may have blocked action, but the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has the power to do something about it. They can create a rule that requires corporations to disclose to their shareholders (and thus, to the public) whether and how much they are spending to influence voters.

But so far, the SEC has opted to do nothing. That’s not OK.

Sign our petition and tell the SEC it’s time to stand up and take action.

If we’re going to fix our democracy, we have to make sure that voters know who is trying to pick winners and losers in our elections.


Reasons for signing

  • This issue is critical to our democracy and Corporations owe transparency to the communities they serve.
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