To: The United States Senate

Tell the Senate: Protect medical cannabis patients!

The bipartisan CARERS Act reduces the role of the federal government in formulating drug policy and allows states to make determinations on their own drug policies.

Why is this important?

Removing the fear of federal prosecution for medical cannabis patients is crucial, particularly since our new Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has made his negative views of medical cannabis clear. Patients need the Senate to pass the CARERS Act so that they have access to the medicine they need.


Reasons for signing

  • Signing for my granddaughter.
  • Please help our veteran's from committing suicide, by passing the laws to make cannibas a schedule 2 drug. Then we can do the studies needed to prove this will help our veterans live happy fuller lives.
  • We need to protect the patients that already have no ability to access safe or affordable medicine. Each state where medical cannabis is legal, those states need to enact a compassion care program.Patients are dying, in pain and do not want opiods as an alternative. Cannabis has been proven to shrink cancer and we are denying patients the basic right to health and healthcare.