To: Denis Taylor, IBT Contract Negotiator and Jeffrey Farmer

Tell The Teamsters Act Like A Union

Dear Brothers and Sisters at Move
We address you as the Staff Organizers at the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. We are engaged in an ongoing struggle with teamster’s management over the issues of fairness, equality, and workplace justice. For years management has made unilateral changes, without our feedback. We chose to organize ourselves with another union in order to attain a voice in the workplace. Like tens of thousands of workers do every year in America. This is what we do as organizers every day and who we are.
After a brutal campaign where some of our co-workers turned their backs on the labor movement and its values, we were successful in winning our representation election. Now herein lies the problem, teamsters management has conducted itself in a manner indistinguishable from the corporations we fight every day. They have been rigid and unyielding at the negotiating table. They have openly retaliated against union supporters. So in their quest to punish us all for seeking a voice in the workplace they are now denying us status quo, a cornerstone of organizing law. All the while three other unions at the IBT headquarters enjoy contractual language enforcing the status quo. Those groups include, the office, janitorial, and mechanical workers of the International Union in Washington D.C.
Our request of the moveon .org nation is that you support us in signing our petition and requesting the International Brotherhood of Teamsters along with their surrogates to behave in a manner befitting the greatest union in America. Ask them to lead by example and negotiate an industry leading contract for their organizers. This is the message we carry from the teamsters to workers every day when we talk with them. Why should we be treated differently? Tell them to negotiate just as they negotiate on behalf of their own members, after all we are dues paying teamster members. Most importantly tell them that corporate America is watching them and they should not behave in the same abhorrent manner. We are taking a stand and it’s HELL NO WITHOUT STATUS QOU!!!!!
Please feel free to contact the IBT Organizing Department at 202-624-8770 and tell them to practice what they preach.
Or contact IBT company negotiator Denis Taylor at 410-566-5700.
We all support and the work we have collectively done for one another as working men and women. We graciously accept any and all support from you and your peers in our battle for justice, fairness, and equality.


Why is this important?

Fairness and equality in the workplace.