To: Minerva G. Carcano, Bishop

Tell the UMC to support GLIDE Memorial Church

Tell the United Methodist Church and Bishop Carcano to support GLIDE and embrace GLIDE's 55-year legacy of unconditional love and radical inclusivity for the people of San Francisco.

Why is this important?

GLIDE serves thousands of people in the San Francisco Area. They go to the margins and serve people who often have no other place of refuge. Their Church is one of the most diverse and celebrated in the world. The UMC's decision to strip GLIDE of a pastoral team indefinitely threatens to impact the incredible work, mission, and message of the GLIDE Church and Foundation and is harmful and counterproductive to the UMC. Stand with GLIDE!


Reasons for signing

  • Stop your efforts to deconstruct this church now. Your efforts do not reflect the love of God in any way.
  • I just saw this petition and hope it's not too late. The UMC needs to learn to promote Jesus' teachings of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and SOCIAL JUSTICE! Glide needs a Bishop that believes in His teaching and practices it vs. golden crosses and rich ceremonial robes.
  • Glide embodies the teachings of Jesus through its ministry to the people within our city who many chose to ignore. GLIDE should be celebrated and held up as an example to other churches for truly walking the walk of Jesus's teachings.

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