To: The US Department of Agriculture

Tell the USDA: Protect our food supply, not Monsanto’s profits!

As someone who cares about the health of our families, our food system, and our environment, I was very disappointed by your recent approval of Monsanto’s dicamba-resistant cotton and soybeans.

Dicamba has been linked to a range of adverse human health impacts, such as reproductive and developmental harm. Workers, farming communities, and children are especially vulnerable to these exposures. We need less toxic herbicides and pesticides in our food system, not more.

In addition, allowing the use of more herbicide-resistant GMO crops increases the risk that organic and non-GMO farms will be harmed by pesticide drift and genetic cross-contamination. For example, dicamba easily moves off-site, and windy conditions or poor application can make the problem worse.

The increased use of new genetically engineered crops, including Monsanto’s dicamba-resistant cotton and soybean seeds, will further increase profits for Monsanto at the expense of our health, food supply, and environment.

Thank you for reviewing my comments. I strongly urge you to repeal the recent approval of Monsanto’s risky crops in order to protect human health and the environment.

Why is this important?

The USDA approved Monsanto’s new genetically engineered cotton and soybeans that are resistant to dicamba, an herbicide that has been known to cause reproductive and developmental harm. Herbicides like this are poisoning our soil and water and pose a threat to the health of our families, environment, and wildlife.

We need less toxic herbicides and pesticides in our food system, not more. But now that these herbicide-resistant seeds have been approved, more toxic chemicals on the food we eat every day could be imminent.

We need to push back and tell the USDA that their approval of these seeds is unacceptable.