To: The Utah State House, The Utah State Senate, and Governor Gary R. Herbert

Tell Utah to take that $2M and do good with it instead.

Do not spend $2 million of our taxpayer dollars to fight a losing battle against marriage equality. Take that money and feed the homeless, stock the food banks, clothe the poor and do something to improve the lives of your fellow man.

Why is this important?

My husband and I love Utah, and we only want the same rights as everyone else in this state. We don't want to move away from our friends and family in order to be recognized on the same level as any straight couple. No gay or lesbian couple should be forced to leave or live as second-class citizens, and most importantly, the state shouldn't be spending the money taxed from everyone -- both gay and straight alike -- on hate. Tell Utah to do good with that money. Make our world a better place instead of trying to split up loving couples and creating second-class citizens.