To: Rob Walton, Walmart President

Tell Walmart to Give Thanksgiving Back to Workers and Families!

I am disappointed at the announcement that Walmart stores will start sales at 8 pm on Thanksgiving Day to get a few steps in front of the competition. Walmart makes profits of more than 16 billion yearly. The company can afford to give its employees this holiday to spend with their families.

This early opening is one more example of Walmart’s disregard for its employees. As the largest employer in the country, Walmart could be setting a standard for businesses to value families, but instead, this is another Walmart policy decision that hurts the families of workers at its stores.

I urge you to give Walmart employees their holiday back. That’s why we’re here supporting workers and calling for change. Our country needs Walmart and big corporations to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Walmart has a responsibility as the country’s largest employer to create good jobs. Walmart can do the right thing, and give Thanksgiving back and allow workers to spend time with their families.

Why is this important?

This Thanksgiving, while millions of families plan to spend quality time with their loved ones, Walmart Associates have been told we will be stocking shelves and preparing for sales starting at 8pm. I have worked at the Walmart in Kenosha, Wisconsin for 24 years, and while I love my job, I cannot silently watch while my fellow Associates are forced to be away from their families on Thanksgiving.

My son is coming home from Afghanistan for the holiday, and I would be devastated if I had been scheduled to work. I see the disappointment and heartbreak in the eyes of my co-workers, especially those with young kids, who aren’t going to be able to share the holiday with their families.

This early start to Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving Day is one more example of Walmart’s disconnect with the workers who keep the stores running and the company’s disregard for all of our families. As the largest employer in the country, Walmart could be setting a standard for businesses to value families, but instead, this is one more Walmart policy decision that hurts our families.

Will you join me and tell Walmart to give Thanksgiving back to employees and their families by not starting sales on Thanksgiving Day?


Reasons for signing

  • You’ll still get your money, just not on Thanksgiving. I will boycott you and any other store til Christmas. People can go online if they want something. If you pay decent wages people wouldn’t have to work Thanksgiving. Hope you can look in the mirror on Black “Friday” unless you’re too busy counting change like Scrooge. Next people will be working Christmas
  • The only places that should be open on thanksgiving are hospitals, group homes, correctional facilities, emergency services, and hotels as well due to the travel on Thanksgiving. Aside from these places, everywhere else should be shut down on this holiday so it can be rightfully spent with friends and family.
  • Just so you all know the Walmart president is Carl Douglas McMillon, not a Walton family member. So i question the authenticity of this petition at this point.

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