To: President Donald Trump, The Hawaii State House, The Hawaii State Senate, Governor David Ige, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Temple under Siege Sacred Mauna Kea

Desecration is happening on the top of the world, HELP STOP THE DESECRATION

Why is this important?

Our Sacred sites, areas, district, and aquifer supplies clean fresh water in the middle of the Ocean is in imminent danger at this very moment. Temple top removal is happening as we speak, the peoples of Hawaii are not protesting they are protecting. Please, Kokua (Help) with the cessation of all desecration on Mauna Kea. MAHALO KALOKO I MAIKA`I, (THANK YOU FROM THE POND WITHIN)


Reasons for signing

  • I signed because they have put enough on the mountain already. This is a sacred place. Enough is enough.
  • We must rise together- or the whole earth and its children will be wiped away.
  • Please, stop the desecration of Maunakea! You are ripping our community apart. With over 40% of your social media posts being Pro TMT advertisements you sound like you’re a paid lobbyist for TMT. The world is watching and they’re watching you literally bully and taunt peaceful protesters....peaceful elderly protestors. Let TMT go someplace else. At this point the spit in our communities are almost irreparable and this has happened while you are governor. Shame on you for not supporting ...