To: Gray County (TX) District Attorney Lynn Switzer

Test the DNA in Hank Skinner's Case!

Dear Ms. Switzer,

We, the undersigned, ask you to act in the interest of justice and grant DNA testing to Hank Skinner.

There are no valid reasons to stand in the way of scientific tests that can finally determine the truth in his case.

The defense has offered to cover the cost of the tests. In contrast, the state of Texas has laid the burden on its taxpayers to pay for the decade of litigation designed to prevent the tests from being conducted.

Despite the U.S. Supreme Court granting Mr. Skinner the right to sue for access to DNA testing, the state of Texas has continued to pursue his execution, with the sentencing judge signing a new death warrant for November 9, 2011.

In the name of justice, please allow the evidence to be tested before it is too late!

Why is this important?

Hank Skinner is set to be executed in Texas on Nov. 9, 2011 despite uncertainty about his guilt which could be resolved by testing evidence that has never been tested. Prominent Texans, including current and former elected officials and former prosecutors, judges and law enforcement, have joined the growing chorus calling for DNA testing. Several jurors from Mr. Skinner’s trial have even expressed concern that the DNA testing has not been done. It’s just common sense to test the DNA evidence in Mr. Skinner’s case so that there can be certainty.