To: Texas Board of Education

Texas Board of Education: Stop censorship of climate science education!

Reject textbooks that deny or censor the scientific consensus on climate change.

Why is this important?

A decision is brewing in Texas that could affect students across America. Texas Board of Education member David Bradley is trying to stop students from learning the facts about climate change. Bradley is pressuring fellow Board members to approve new social studies textbooks for K-12 students that deny the scientific consensus on climate change.

Since Texas is the nation’s second largest buyer of textbooks, books produced for the state are often sold around the country. Therefore, if the Texas Board of Education approves scientifically inaccurate textbooks, students nationwide will be negatively impacted.

Bradley said recently, "Whether global warming is a myth or whether it's actually happening, that's very much up for debate. Don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.”

The broad scientific community in the US and abroad links the burning of fossil fuels to climate change with the same level of certainty with which it links smoking to lung cancer. Communities across the country, including Texas, are currently confronting climate impacts including flash floods, extreme drought and heat waves. Students have a right to be taught accurate information about the causes and consequences of climate change, so they can help develop solutions to the biggest global challenge their generation will face.

Tell the Texas Board of Education to refuse to consider any textbooks for adoption that deny or censor the scientific consensus on human caused climate change!