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To: Safari competitors and spectators in search of a safe start to the race

Texas Water Safari Starting Position Acquisition Method

To pursue a high level of competition and safety at the start of every Texas Water Safari (TWS), this petition serves as a request that the Texas Water Safari Board amend Rule 2.i. We propose that a partial, or incomplete team be allowed to compete in the Texas River Marathon (TRM) and the incomplete team placement in the TRM be used as the starting position for the TWS. This will ensure that teams who are unable to race as a full team in the TRM due to various reasons (military service, out of state/country, etc.) have the opportunity to secure a starting position in the Texas Water Safari that does not place their team behind slower teams. Putting faster, more competitive boats in the back of the starting lineup has resulted in jeopardizing the safety of persons and boats due to unnecessary collisions at the start of the race.

Why is this important?

Safety of competitors at the start of the Texas Water Safari

How it will be delivered

This petition will be sent to the Texas Water Safari Board on August 1, 2023 via email



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