To: To the staff of the Los Angeles Times–

Thank the LA Times staffers who said they will quit if the Koch Brothers buy the newspaper

We stand in solidarity with you in opposition to the Koch Brothers purchasing the Los Angeles Times. Thank you for taking a stand.

Why is this important?

Right-wing super villains Charles and David Koch are looking to purchase media outlets in order create new mouthpieces for their propaganda. Staffers of the Los Angeles Times, one of the media outlets targeted by the Koch brothers, are not taking this lying down.

Last week, at an in-house awards ceremony for Los Angeles Times staff, columnist Steve Lopez asked everyone in attendance, "Raise your hand if you would quit if the paper was bought by the Koch brothers."

About half the staff raised their hands, perhaps dooming the sale of the newspaper to the Kochs.

Please sign our petition supporting the journalists and staff at the Los Angeles Times who are willing to quit their jobs if Charles and David Koch purchase the newspaper.