To: Naderev "Yeb" Saño

Thank you, Naderev Saño, for your climate change leadership.

This week, during the first day of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, the Philippines’ climate chief, Naderev “Yeb” Saño, spoke out in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan. In a powerful gesture of his commitment to both the Philippines and tackling climate change, Saño announced that he is fasting for the duration of the two-week UN climate summit unless pledges are made to take steps towards addressing climate change — steps like banning dirty energy subsidies, developing climate preparedness programs, and protecting vulnerable nations most at risk.

We stand with Naderev Saño, and demand action from UN Climate Change delegates.

Why is this important?

In the U.S., devastating storms are called “natural disasters.” In the Philippines, it’s just called “weather.”

I learned from my mom and dad about the remarkable resilience of Filipino people that keeps them calm in the face of disaster. The Philippines is a republic made of more than 7,000 islands sitting on the Pacific Ring of Fire, making it prone to both earthquakes and typhoons. In the Philippines, folks just learn how to cope, say a little "bahala na," and work together to rebuild. It takes a lot to faze Filipinos when it comes to weather.

But now, in the wake of Super Typhoon Haiyan, I fear my people are fazed.

What happened to the Philippines four days ago isn’t just frightening -- it’s a clear sign that climate change is real. The climate CHANGED, and Haiyan is proof.

We must not simply “feel” for the Filipino people, but we must also “do.” Please support Saño’s hunger strike and demand action from UN Climate Change Conference delegates.

As folks living outside of the Philippines, this our chance to to keep the flame of resilience alive -- for Filipinos, all people, and our very fragile planet.


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