To: 2020 Candidates and Democratic National Committee (DNC)

2020 presidential candidates must debate environmental policy #climatedebate

There are many formidable candidates running for the Democratic nomination in 2020. We want all the candidates to commit to participating in a debate or forum on environmental issues and policies so we can hear detailed ideas and plans.

Why is this important?

Let's be clear. With the magnitude of the oncoming climate crisis it's no longer sufficient to have a single token environmental question that 2020 candidates get to brush off with a soundbite. We need an entire debate on environmental policies.

The global and US Youth Climate Strike's success and interest in environmental policies such as the Green New Deal resolution are signs that the public wants governmental action on the issue of climate change. As we see increasing domestic and global devastation from fires, floods, and everything in between, we need to be discussing environmental policy much more, therefore we are calling for a debate or forum around concrete solutions.

We're calling on all 2020 Democratic candidates to take part in a debate or forum around environmental issues.

The Washington Post reported that a forum will occur October of 2019 by the Human Rights Campaign and UCLA School of Public Affairs around LGBTQ issues where "Democratic presidential candidates will be invited to participate in a forum focused exclusively on LGBT policies ... they will discuss topics related to hate crimes, bullying and transgender rights."

That's an excellent idea and an inspiration for our own organizing.

Let's ensure environmental issues from climate change, access to clean water, environmental racism, and everything in between that are disproportionately impacting people of color and working class folks are given the serious attention they deserve. Let's be sure we hear how candidates plan to stop companies accountable for polluting our water and air and what they think about opening up federal land to fracking, drilling, and trophy hunting. Let's have an open mind as they discuss the ways we can shift to renewable energy while keeping the economy and jobs secure.

Sign our petition and let's show all the 2020 candidates, the media, and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that young people can lead as the catalyst for such important discussions that affect every single one of us.

Thank you.

[This petition was co-authored by Karla Stephan, Isra Hirsi, Haven Coleman, Feliquan Charlemagne, Maddy Fernands, Anya Sastry, Salomée Levy, and the rest of the US Youth Climate Strike Team!]