To: BC Provincial Health Office




Whereas the population of the Province of British Columbia is not currently protected by effective and authoritative guidelines or regulations governing exposure to involuntary or incidental, non-thermal, electromagnetic radiation in their homes and public places, the British Columbia, Canada, organization - Citizens for Safe Technology - in collaboration with the undersigned, hereby passes the following Resolution.


1 Guidelines and regulations to protect the population of British Columbia from the effects of all forms, frequencies and intensities of electromagnetic radiation must be immediately instituted.

2 The guidelines and regulations mentioned in Article 1 must be based on the findings of independent, non industry-affiliated studies which include, but are not limited to, research into the effects of low-level, non-thermal pulsed radiation; (1)

3 The Provincial Health Officer for British Columbia must publicly acknowledge and immediately invoke the Precautionary Principle (2) with regards to the protection of the population of the Province of British Columbia against the known and/or potential harmful acute and chronic effects of exposure to all forms, frequencies and intensities of electromagnetic radiation; and

4 Direct and immediate action must be taken to halt the proliferation of, and subsequently reduce, the non-consensual exposure of children and pregnant mothers to electromagnetic radiation in all areas of society, most notably through the removal of wireless internet connections in schools, libraries, and other public places.


1 The British Columbia Provincial Health Officer has, to date, relied on the guidelines offered by Health Canada in Safety Code 6 to assert that exposure levels within the province are within acceptable levels. However, Health Canada acknowledges (3) that these guidelines are based purely on thermal effects and are intended to apply solely to federally regulated sites. Consequently, they have questionable application in the protection of the general public since they have no authority or application in the protection of the population of the Province in their homes or public places. Furthermore, strong scientific evidence shows that the levels of (thermal) radiation that Health Canada deems safe for the adult population do not provide adequate protection for children. (4)
The Health Canada guidelines state in the preamble: ‘Safety limits in this code apply to all individuals working at, or visiting, federally regulated sites. These guidelines may also be adopted by the provinces, industry or other interested parties.’
WorkSafe BC, which regulates the welfare of employees, has adopted Health Canada's Safety Code 6 but as previously noted, this is neither intended nor adapted to provide protection to the public, and considers only the thermal effects of electromagnetic radiation.

2 The Radiofrequency Toolkit for Environmental Health Practitioners, published in 2013 by The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control and commissioned by the British Columbia Provincial Medical Officer, acknowledges that there is conclusive evidence of biological damage caused by exposure to EMR. (Section 10 - Mobile Phones, Radiofrequency Waves, and Male Infertility). Consequently, through inaction, the British Columbia Provincial Medical Officer is placing in jeopardy the health of the population of the Province and, in particular, the health and mental development of children who numerous studies and reports identify as being at increased risk caused by exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation. (4) (31) (39) (41) (44) (45) (46) (50) (51) (53) (56) (57) (59) (60) (61) (62)
The Radiofrequency Toolkit for Environmental Health Practitioners states:
• ‘A large increase in induced fields for children’s bone marrow was attributed to its higher conductivity compared with that of adults.’
• ‘For the same emitted power, children and fetuses experience higher SAR.’ (5)
• ‘Whole body exposure at frequencies in the range of 80 to 180 MHz and 1–4 GHz to ICNIRP reference exposure levels may expose children and small persons (shorter than 1.3 m) to above acceptable ICNIRP SAR levels.’ (6)
• ‘Children may potentially be at greater risk for adverse health outcomes resulting from exposure to RF.’
• ‘Because the brain is particularly vulnerable to environmental insults during fetal development, childhood and adolescence, there is a need for further studies to ascertain whether there are effects during their developmental stages.’
• 'Unlike the mixed findings found in occupational health studies of radar EMF exposures, the epidemiological studies of men assessed for infertility were consistent in demonstrating decreased sperm motility associated with increased use of mobile phones.
• 'Apart from the known thermal effects of RF, oxidative stress due to increased Reactive Ox...

Why is this important?

This resolution is intended to address the concerns of citizens regarding the escalating growth of wireless radiation in British Columbia. We invite the signatures of medical health professionals and researchers who wish to join with us in bringing attention to the hazards of electromagnetic radiation. The full text of this petition can be downloaded at