To: The Colorado State House, The Colorado State Senate, and Governor Jared Polis


The COLORADO OIL & GAS CONSERVATION COMMISSION (COGCC) statutes illegally altered the Colorado Constitution @ ART. V, Sec. 35, ART. XX, Sec. 6 without the "Consent of the Governed". Therefore, Governor Hickenlooper and the Colorado General Assembly have violated their Constitutional Oaths and must convene a special Constitutional Convention to remedy the unconstitutional COLORADO OIL & GAS CONSERVATION COMMISSION statutes.

Why is this important?

The COLORADO OIL & GAS ASSOCIATION (COGA) (a private trade organization) has sued the City of Longmont, Colorado (a home rule city) and its citizens for exercising their constitutionally authorized powers to halt fracking inside their City Limits.

Governor Hickenlooper has threatened to sue any other Colorado city or town who dares to follow Longmont. Governor Hickenlooper is guilty of the acts and omissions of "Constitutional Torts" and must be made to answer to We the People of Colorado, (the Sovereign), in Federal District Court in Denver.