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To: President Donald Trump

The Credit Score: Contradictory, Harmful, Inane: Get Rid of This Illogical "Tool"

Stop forcing Americans to betray their sense of logic, rationale & fairness!! The Credit Score is nothing but an evaluation of how well you MAINTAIN debt, not stay out of it. STOP forcing Americans to accrue debt: Eliminate the Credit Score!!!

Why is this important?

Sign this petition if you have Pride for your level of Common Sense: have you realized that the credit score rewards you for debt & penalizes you if you are not in debt? However, if you are in debt in a way that is not pleasing to "them", then you are penalized, but you will be possibly rewarded you if you maintain debt in a way that makes enough interest for billionaire companies.

Have you been denied a JOB because of your low credit score? Do you think it's FAIR to be denied employment for bad credit? Because I don't. There are so many flaws in logic, rationale & fairness I refuse to allow this economic tool to put me in harm's way: preventing me from progressing in life to secure food, shelter and stability. I refuse to further participate in this economic system designed to make us fail.

There are more of us negatively impacted by low credit than not. We are the Majority. Let's gather our numbers, let's share our stories, let's present our solutions and let's end the day with ELIMINATING THIS INSULT TO INTELLIGENCE AND COMMON SENSE EVERYWHERE!!!!!



2020-11-21 08:00:24 -0500

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