To: Governor Ned Lamont

The DCF Plantation 5

There are cases of blatant discrimination occurring within the Connecticut Juvenile Training School in Middletown.There are five specific employees of color targeted and others periodically singled out.

Why is this important?

There are cases of racism and discrimination going on against five people of color at a state run facility


Reasons for signing

  • Racism of any kind harms all of us if Adults are treating others unfairly how are we suppose to teach our children to get along. I worked at a job where I was bullied and my supervisor was promoted even though i wasn`t the only one she harassed and bullied.
  • PLease accept this notice as my online signature. Wali M Islam-
  • Discrimination within the institution not only targets black people, but white women as well. I have been a target of workplace violence and sexual harassment, which administration not only did nothing about, but I received formal counseling for something I didn't do and was the victim of. So I strongly agree with the petition