To: Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

The End of the Internet as We Know It? Tell the FCC to Reinstate #NetNeutrality!

I urge the FCC to preserve the internet as we know it and fight the January 14 federal court decision to end net neutrality. Net neutrality allows Americans to access the internet content they want, without interference by third parties, such as their internet service provider.

Why is this important?

Since 2011, the FCC’s net neutrality rule ensured that Americans could access internet content equally, no matter how they access the internet. For example, if your internet service provider was Comcast, (which owns NBC content) they could not control your internet usage, even on competitor’s websites, like watching “Modern Family” on

However, on January 14, a federal court struck down net neutrality, opening the door for internet service providers to slow down or completely block any website they choose. In addition, they could charge additional fees to access some of your favorite sites like Netflix and YouTube.

This is harmful to the American consumer as well as our economy – the internet’s open and level playing field enables the growth of tech startups. Would Amazon and Twitter have emerged in a restricted, filtered internet?

All that it takes is for the FCC to garner the political willpower to appeal this disastrous decision, or re-write their internet polices. With regards with redoing FCC internet policies, internet service providers are regulated like phone companies, but if the FCC reclassified them as “common carriers,” they could regain oversight. Either way, net neutrality can be reinstituted if the FCC fights back. Please sign this petition and forward it to others, and we’ll deliver it to the FCC to urge them to preserve the internet as we know it.

Joe Sestak is a former 3-Star Admiral and U.S. Congressman. He is seeking to represent Pennsylvania in the U.S. Senate in 2016. Visit his website at

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