To: Minister Fathi Hammad,, The Gaza government Interior and National Security Minister

The Gaza government Interior and National Security Minister must annulment of Gaza Interior Minis...

Dear Minister Fathi Hammad!
We gravely concerned about the recent decision by the Gazan authorities to close all Sharek Youth Forum offices throughout the Gaza Strip.
This decision came as a great blow not only to everyone associated with Sharek, but also to the promotion of legal rights, democracy and freedoms. Sharek had been present in Gaza for over 15 years, and has had a positive impact on the lives of the youth and children of Gaza, a demographic already hit hard by the protracted occupation.
The decision by the Minister of Interior is in direct violation of both Palestinian Common Law and International Law. This act directly contravenes Article 15, regarding the protection of Charitable Associations in Palestine. It is also illegal under Article 47 and 65 of Palestinian Common Law that refers directly to the best practices of Palestinian organisations and the criteria needed to request a case for possible closure.
Sharek maintains that it has both the legal and moral right to be present in Gaza, and believes that actions like this only serve to divide Palestine further. The decision to close the offices has been made without any communication by officials in Gaza with any Sharek member, neither in Gaza nor in the West Bank. This unilateral decision emphasises the growing political division between the West Bank and Gaza, and Sharek believes that this division not only has ramifications for the freedoms of individuals and organisations, but also furthers the difficulties surrounding the formation of a future Palestinian state.
Sharek continues to receive local and international support. Notable international actors such as the UN, along with international human rights organisations, media outlets and legal experts continue to condemn the closure of Sharek offices in Gaza. They also continue to monitor the situation closely.
WE calls for an immediate retraction of the Minister of Interior decision on the basis that this act is a violation of local and international law.
We also requests that authorities throughout Palestine respect the legal right to form associations in direct accordance with Palestinian Civil Law.
Minister Hammad, We are waiting you.

Why is this important?

We urge the international community via International Gaza Youth campaign to aid us in ending this direct violation of civil law and human rights.


Reasons for signing

  • sharek ftw! peace, man
  • This is not the way to work on the Palestinian unity!!!
  • Sharek is one of the best Orgs. that serve the Palestinian community.