To: President Donald Trump

The L Aaron Petition Against the Pacific Rim Trade Bill

We the people stand firmly against another version of NAFTA, which has proven not to be in the interests of the American people. This new Pacific Rim Bill written in secrecy by lobbyists representing big business and foreign interests has NAFTA's fingerprints all over it. And it does not respect the American worker or American laws of redress. Like the NATA bill, it will not help the trade deficit and it will only help foreign interests or big corporations and will not benefit the interests of the 99%. We also believe that measures indicated in the bill will supersede the law and give unlimited powers to foreign interests to legislate outcomes for their own behalf. We seriously urge you to reconsider this bill, Mr. President, and see that it goes no further and is killed before it becomes the law of the land, which would be a serious miscarriage of your obligations to the people you have sworn to represent.

Why is this important?

We believe that the Agreement prepared in secrecy and made ready for approval by the participating Nations--and designed to provide them with an unfair advantage in manufacturing and jobs and the benefits of trade-- should be revoked for the following reasons. It was done in total secrecy; the only ones told about it were the participating nations and certain American businessmen who stood to gain; not the citizenry, mind you.. It smacks of NAFTA. It would shift more jobs off-shore. And make disputes subject to settlement by private businessmen who's decision is final. Cases pending or resolved under NAFTA did not work out for this country; and they involved major fines paid for by US taxpayer funds without the option of defending ourselves or our positions in the law suits. We've seen what happens when Democracy is short changed in this way and the American people do not have a voice in policy; moreover, the economic benefits will serve the big, successful companies, they will not benefit the poor, or the middle class.