To: Governor Larry Hogan

The Next Keystone XL?

I'm concerned about the Dominion Cove Point liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminal proposed for the Chesapeake Bay.

If approved, this project will add more than 3.3 million tons of climate disrupting carbon dioxide to our atmosphere, speed fracking in nearby states, and threaten a national treasure -- the Chesapeake Bay.

Maryland's Attorney General and the state's biggest newspaper, the Baltimore Sun, have weighed in, asking for a thorough Environmental Impact Statement of the Cove Point project. But your voice -- both as Maryland's top elected official and as a national leader on climate change -- is missing.

You have a chance to preserve your legacy as a climate leader. Or you could gamble that legacy by standing silently by as this project moves forward.

I am watching and listening carefully. Will you choose to protect our climate, public health and the Chesapeake by asking tough questions and taking a stand against the project? Or will you choose to stay silent?

Why is this important?

Prediction for 2014: the next flash point in the global fight against the fossil fuel industry will take place on the quiet shores of the Chesapeake Bay.

Virginia-based Dominion Resources wants to build a massive export facility in Cove Point, MD that would pipe fracked gas from Pennsylvania, supercool and liquefy it, and ship it halfway across the globe to be burned. The dangerous consequences of this fossil fuel export scheme? Increased climate-disrupting pollution, a whole lot more fracking, and a big threat to one of our national treasures. Act now to stop this project!

That’s why Earthjustice is part of a coalition of state, regional and national environmental groups that have joined together with Maryland nurses, watermen, and local business owners to fight this project. Our coalition is turning out hundreds of people to town hall meetings and persuading elected officials to oppose and raise questions about the project.

But one voice has been missing from the conversation: Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley.

Gov. O’Malley is positioning himself as a national leader on climate change and environmental issues, and also has reported ambitions for higher office. He needs to know that people all over the country are watching how he handles the Cove Point export project.